What I’m Reading – 8/30/17

Summer’s almost over and I’ll be spending the long weekend in Boston visiting family. Not much else to say this week. The links are little more tech-focused this week, but if you’re not interested in that, the article on gerrymandering is very timely.

Anyway, here are the links:

What I’m Reading – 8/25/17

Not much to say. Spending some time in Sacramento this weekend and then Boston later next week. I found some interesting links this week, so if you usually only read one or two, I suggest at least checking out all of them this weekend. Personally, I’m enjoying these new graphic-driven articles by the New York Times; you’ll find that style in the first link this week!

Anyway, here are the links:

What I’m Reading – 8/23/2017

Another dramatic week in global affairs. The US Navy 7th fleet suffered another accidental collision, which prompted questions of protocol and potential cyber sabotage of the vessels. Domestically, the US is recovering from a fatal clash of protestors in Virginia and bracing itself for more far-right demonstrations around the country. Locally, Sydney and I went out to see Allie X in concert. It was a small venue, but she gave a good performance and basically played all her best songs.

Anyway, here are the links:

The Farmers Market

Thought I’d upload some photos I took at our farmers market over this weekend.



We bought quite a few of these.


Wish I’d taken better shots of the other fish in this display. Almost took one home.




Best I could get of this display.


Turned into a good haul!

What I’m Reading – 8/20/17

I read most of these earlier in the week, but thought I should still post this one. Didn’t make any plans for the eclipse in Oregon this week, but still had a fun weekend around SF. Sydney and I took Saturday to pick up the car from the shop, but before that we hit up SF MOMA and managed to take same pictures. Today we remembered that Civic Center has a farmers week on the weekends, so we went over and bought our groceries for the week. Shocking that the farmers market has green onions and Safeway doesn’t (my expose on Safeway’s awful business is forthcoming).

Anyway, here are the links:

What I’m Reading – 8/16/17

I’ve finally picked up some steam getting things done at home. I’ve been giving Github’s project management product a try for my current side project and it’s useful enough so far. What I really want is the ability to render project details (for instance, the kanban board) on my repository’s homepage for quick reference.

So far, using Github for managing this project has worked out well. My attention is constantly split across so many topics, I find it helpful to write things down into discrete issues and milestones that help remind me of the project status. I know a lot of people just prefer to wing it or keep things loosely organized, but if the progress keeps up on this project, I might have a good blog post on self-motivation and organization.

Anyway, here are the links:

What I’m Reading – 8/14/17

I started this post series with ten links per post. As time has gone by, I’ve started thinking ten links every few days might be too much for a reader to digest on top of their own reading burden. Naturally, I’m letting the number decline over time until I find a level I like the best. Right now that level is six per post, so let’s see how that feels.

In other news, I’ve been putting some work into a Discord bot to push traffic from content creators into Discord server channels. It’s a fun project with a simple initial scope, but tons of room to grow over time. The news in the US and around the world is so bleak that I’d rather not directly discuss it here.

Anyway, here are the links:

What I’m Reading – 8/11/17

It’s been so long since I’ve put one of these together. I’ve since been to Hawaii for two weeks and finished my first year at Workday! Maybe a retrospective article is called for? Honestly, there’s so much going on right now that even getting the Hawaii pictures posted is going to take me another week probably. But the short of it is that I’m back and ready to start making these posts again!

Anyway, here are the links:

What I’m Reading – 6/28

It’s hard to believe, but the final items of furniture have been purchased. We’ve worked our way down the list of necessities and ended up on end-tables and a bench by the front door. I can tell you this much, it feels great not to have to sit on the floor to put on my shoes anymore. Some other organization details: I’m moving some of my technical books into the office once my new Portal bookends arrive so that should hopefully clean out some more space at home.

I owe this blog a ton of content and I promise I’m getting around to it, but there’s a lot going right now that requires balancing so things will come off the backlog whenever they do. Anyway, here are the links:

What I’m Reading – 6/26

This weekend was Pride around the country, so Sydney and I thought it’d be a perfect chance to take the camera out and try and film a vlog. I got probably about an hour of good footage of the parade and interesting pedestrians before the battery died (I forgot to bring a spare). I’ll be sure to put a video up on Facebook or YouTube this week of the experience. Besides that, I’ve gotten back to reading daily and waking up before 9 on the weekends.

In other news, seems like Trump has been doing something people don’t like, the Safeway near me still doesn’t carry cream, and the second season of Kimmy Schmidt seems like it decided it just didn’t want to make sense anymore. Anyway here are the links: